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  1. Passengers must be present before the departure of at least 90 minutes for filling air.
  2. Passengers will be counter to 1 in 24 procedures for flight procedures. In which bar 01 to the 12 procedures for international flights. Bar 13-24 procedures for Domestic flights. Business class hotel, guests have the Platinum card, Gold card, Titanium card, the card Elite Plus, Elite card, SKY TEAM alliance card will be carried out separately at the counters.
  3. Passengers without baggage can deposit procedure in no baggage counters.
  4. Passengers please prepare tickets and travel documents when the procedures at the airline counter procedures.
  5. After completing the air you will do a security check procedures for the waiting room.
  6. Passenger aircraft will be 30 minutes before departure time:
    + For international flights, passengers will be the plane through the door number from 01-04.
    + For domestic passenger flight will the aircraft through door number from 05-08.
    By bus or tube for guests.