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Although spring has gone, but still steeped in an atmosphere of colorful flowers blooming like. And in the last month of spring, we also have a special holiday for rare flowers of the world.

It is dated 08 May 03 - International Women's Day. 
Is not it natural that the woman's purse as flower. 
Flowers are beautiful images of people, not just superficially beautiful, flowers are referred to as a beautiful personality, sparkling and faithful, and heroic. As Uncle Ho once said about women in Vietnam: "Vietnam people are heroic nation ... Vietnam Women are women heroes." 
On this occasion the collective staff International Air Port of Can Tho has organized a party to the collective and intimate, especially for the sisters (and their families) who are working at Can Tho International Airport.

The event takes place in about 2 hours now but has brought laughter and joy to those who attended. The same review some of the images in this party:

Mr. Pham Thanh Tam - Director of Can Tho Int'l speech celebrating 08/03

Ms Pham Thuy Trang - Deputy Director of Can Tho Int'l Airport on behalf of women receive flowers
celebrate 08/03

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