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On 21/12/2011, International Airports Can Tho Union held a congress 2011-2014 term basis to review and evaluate the work of teams and the youth movement tenure from 2009 to 2011, set out objectives, orientations and tasks 2012-2014 term.



The Congress was honored to welcome the participation of Mr. Thai Minh Hai - Deputy Secretary of Youth airports Corporation South, Board of Directors International Airports Can Tho Youth represents the single your neighbor and intimate as the national airline of Vietnam in Can Tho, Binh Thuy District delegation ... union members and all international airports in Can Tho.

Union delegates at higher levels and Level Committee

Representatives from neighboring units and intimate

Union force in international air port of Can Tho

Mr. Duong Dinh Quan introduced agenda and make the flag ceremony

Presidium of the Congress: Mr. Le Duc Tho, Mr. Phan Cong Khuong ,  Mr. Tran Thanh Hung

Mr. Tran Thanh Hung through the review of the 2009-2011 term

Mr. Phan Cong Khuong through the direction of the 2012-2014 term

Mr. Le Duc Tho through monthly report and the financial situation of the team base

Mr. Pham Thanh Tam - Secretary of the Director of Can Tho International Airport comments

Mr. Thai Minh Hai - Deputy Secretary of Youth Union Southern Airport Coporation comments

Ms. Thach Thi Hong Nhung - flight service worker comments

Ms. Nguyen Huu Van Anh - Sales employee feedback service

Mr. Pham Van Sy - Security worker safety suggestions

The Congress through the search point and the direction set for the term 2012-2014 Executive Committee

Presidium declared BCH Union 2009-2011 term basis term ends

Mr. Tran Quang Hien Representative elections through electoral rules and the Union Executive Committee
2012-2014 term basis

The union members vote for members of Executive Committee 2012-2014 term mission basis

Election vote counting and summing the results

Mr. Tran Quang Hien representatives elected through election results

Union Executive Board Member 2012-2014 term basis and released to Congress under oath

Congress also voted a list of union members attending the meeting represented the superior team

Finally, Mr. Phan Cong Jiang consult Congress voting resolution of the Congress delegation Can Tho International Airport 2012-2014 term and Congress declared a success.


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