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Can Tho - 08h on 19.11.2011, in the framework of official friendship visit to Vietnam at the invitation of the Chairman of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Truong Tan Sang, carrying his special Canada Governor David Lloyd Johnston landed in Can Tho International Airport.


Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son - Can Tho Chairman welcomed Canada Governor David Lloyd Johnston
Canada Governor David Lloyd Johnston, 70 year old, was inaugurated on 10.01.2010 by the nomination of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II was approved. He is the 28th of the Governor in the history of Canada.In Canada, the Governor Johnston was representing the Queen of England and in fact be seen as national chief of Canada.He was attending Harvard University (USA), Cambridge (UK), Queen's (Canada) and a former professor at the academy's top Canada, as well as holding the role of managing in a number of education in this country.

Mr. Pham Thanh Tam - Director of Can Tho International welcomed Canada Governor David Lloyd Johnston
As the representative of Canada in areas such as education, innovation and trade promotion, and culture, the entourage members will share their experiences and understanding with their partner Vietnam . The exchange will create opportunities to promote bilateral cooperation initiatives in various fields, especially in the strategy to promote economic development.

List accompanying delegation Canada Governor in state-level visits to Vietnam:

He Perrin Beatty - President and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Mr Paul Davidson - President, Association of Universities and Colleges Canada

Mr. Kunal Gupta - CEO, Polar Mobile

Professor Luong Van Hy - Professor of Anthropology, Graduate Program Director for Research Asia Pacific, University of Toronto

Mr. John R. McDougall - Chairman, National Research Council Canada

Ts. Gilles G. Patry - Chairman and CEO, Canadian Fund for Innovation

Ms. Kim Thuy - Writer



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