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With highly skilled professional staff, we provide following services:

Passenger and Baggage services

- Check-in Services.

- Arrival and Transfer Services.

- Lost and Found Services. 

- Special Passenger and VIP Services.

- Welcome, Meet and Assist Services.

Ramp & Transport services

- Ramp supervision (as part of the load master agent concept)

- Unloading and loading of baggage, cargo and mail.

- Passenger and crew transport.

- Baggage, cargo and mail transport.

- Lavatory services.

- GPU ( Ground power unit ).

- Moving of aircraft.

Weight & Balance Control Services

- Load Control, weight and balance calculations.

- Ramp Supervision

- Turn-around Coordination

- Message and communications

- ULD control and management.

- Database management

Cargo handling services

- Loading and unloading.

- Warehousing and Storage

- Cargo Ramp Handling/ Transportation

- Mail Handling.

Aircraft interior cleaning services

- Standard interior cabin cleaning.

- Waste disposal.