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Officially put into operation since 2009, Can Tho International Airport has been developing more and more strongly as a new gateway in the commerce, economic, culture, and social. The airport plays an important role in connecting solidly Mekong Delta's provinces with other localities in the whole country and the world.

Besides significant aviation services such as air Activity Assurance, Ramp Service, Customer Service, Aviation Safety Assurance, Non-aviation Service is a useful, accessorial. Our main focus is the enough satisfaction of customers at the airport.
We selects specific products with prestige brand, high quality, and reasonable price in the province of Mekong Delta in order to create an essential support chain for passengers’ shopping demand. We therefore ensure that our specialties, services which passengers do not have to waste so much time on looking outsides are wise choices. 

  • Providing specialties of the Mekong Delta. 

Visiting Can Tho International Airport, passengers will have the opportunity to indulge themselves with the picturesque western river by looking the image of ‘ro’, ‘nom’ - bamboo fish trap, sampan with a large number of green fruits such as Hoa Loc mango, green skin pomelo, mangosteen, milk apple.

At goods counter, passengers can choose sweet smelling mangoes, juicy green grapefruit, the aroma of durian fruit of Pia cake in Soc Trang, the fat of Coconut candy in Ben Tre province. Especially, passengers will not restrain themselves from the harmony of ocean flavor of the fried shrimp, fish of Ca Mau, and does not need to worry about quality as well as price.

It is worth noting that passenger can also find some jewelry: earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, made of Pearl, or purse, handbag, portfolio, belt, made of alligator, ox- leather, Genuine bird’s nest or as gifts for their relatives and friends after long trips.

  • Food and beverages service 

After finishing travel document, passengers and their relatives can talk and enjoy juices from fresh fruit with a lot of healthy nutrients, instant noodle soup with beef, or spicy instant rice noodles with beef which help passengers be assured before their journeys.

  • Luxury waiting lounge service 

 The elegant waiting lounge service is not too strange to frequent customers. The lounge offers comfortable and spacious accommodation with full use of its facilities: private and quite space, luxurious environment, free internet access, diversity of newspapers or magazines, printer, fax machine, food and beverage. Enjoying relaxing lounge, customers will be completely satisfied with high-quality service and professional, enthusiastic, and friendly agents during the waiting time.

  • Premises for Rent and Advertisement placement       

One of the most attractive services at Can tho International Airport is advertisement placement. Let us accompany you, the customers and companies, frequently travel to our airport with desiring to construct and popularize the brand, image to the whole country for one target “For you, for me, and for everyone” The airport provides indoor and outdoor advertising services, nice positions, diversity of forms, suitable prices which help customers easily choose for their purposes. 

  • Luggage storage, Packaging service 

Luggage storage, Packaging services are remarkable at our airport. Passengers who are waiting for check-in time or transfer will not worry about their heavy, bulky luggage. Using the Luggage storage service, customers have more free time to go around, drink coffee… and do not need to wonder if their luggage are damaged or lost. In many cases, our automatic packaging machine will help passengers repair broken, torn luggage in accord with the regulation of airline agents. Now, these services are placed at domestic departure and catch the attention of many travelers.

  • Vehicle for rent (4-30 seats)


 We also provide vehicles rental service 4 and 30 seats to transport passengers and goods with the reasonable price by the most prompt and opportune mode.

  • Supporting passengers and tourist help desk

 When coming to Can Tho International Airport, passengers will be warmly welcomed and carefully instructed to finish travel document in swift ways. Also, all staffs will support with pleasure and answer customers’ questions, requirements correctly.

With the motto “Civilization- Quality- Safety”, a long with pro-active, considerate professional staffs, passengers feel comfortable, convenient and secure about using our services before every flight.

  • For further information please contact:

Can Tho International Airport

Address: 179B Le Hong Phong, P. Tra An, Q. Binh Thuy, Can Tho City. 
Tel: (84) 710 3844301 - Fax: (84) 710 3744584 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile Phone:

  • Mr Hai: 0918 214 478

Honored to serve you.

Enjoy your flight!